Thursday, October 4, 2012


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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Grad School: Final Round

Oh no. School starts up again tomorrow. Pretty much all of today, I will be like this:

Where did summer go??? And how am I STILL not done with grad school???


But this shit is getting serious. No more procrastinating, no more waiting to finish things out. And my worst habit: NO MORE DROPPING CLASSES. This year (well, technically next year) is the year I will finish. No more complaining, until I have no more classes. 2013 commencement, I've got my eyes set on you.

Let's do this thing.


Friday, August 31, 2012




Thursday, August 30, 2012

My Body/Mind is Revolting Against Me

I love food. And drink. And MOST especially the combination of the two. So "diets" and "attempts" at "losing weight" are no easy feat.

A lot of times, this is what I think:

I've also been really into Doctor Who lately (you can start judging me now). It's strange to watch though. I'm usually watching wide-eyed and excited, but a lot of times, the episode ends and I go, "huh?" I'm sure it also doesn't help that sometimes I can't really understand British accents....


It freaks me out. This show (and usually any/all versions of Law&Order) messes with my mind. I end up checking every crevice of my apartment, and each of the locks TWICE before I can comfortably sleep.

I don't know whether to blame my excessive eating (usually junk food) addition, or my choice in television but I've been having some crazy dreams. I should stop both addictions, but it's just so damn hard.

So in conclusion, f-you brain and body!

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P.S. You say you don't agree of Doctor Who's awesome-ability-ness-dom? F-you, to you too.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Chicago Public Transit

I actually don't mind the el. In theory, I love that I can get anywhere via bus/train. I love that I can do my "green" part and use public transit. AND, I love people watching on the train: the good, the bad and the ugly.

Sometimes it's not so bad, but then sometimes, you've had a bad day, the heat/air isn't working on the el, it's so crowded you're staring at someone's ass your entire commute home, and then the douche next to you decides this is the perfect time to have a conversation.

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Overall, though, it's not so bad. I love the CTA... or at least that's what I have to keep saying to myself.

BUT THEN I MOVED TO LAKEVIEW and experienced the horrible-ness that is SWARMS of Cubs fans.

Yesterday, on my commute home I was cornered by a bunch of loud obnoxious Cubs fans who were shouting and hitting one another, and blocking the doors at EVERY. SINGLE. STOP. My anger was about to bubble over, when I saw my chance.

I was sitting near one of said fans, who was wearing a Fukudome bandana (which 1. hasn't it been years since he was on the team? and 2. why people, why?).

Side note: it bothers me when people have Asian letters tattooed on themselves. I mean, c'mon folks, it could easily just say "POOP" and you would have no idea!

So back to this obnoxious fan. I waited until we we're near the Wrigleyville stop, and started to giggle. Then I leaned in and asked him, "do you want to know what that REALLY says?"

I'm Korean, so I have no idea, but that bewildered look on his face was worth it. SO, so worth it.
Tuesday, August 28, 2012

It's Not Over Yet!

With September (and [gulp] school) right around the corner, it seems everyone has given up on all that is "summer". But NOT ME. You can still call it summer while it's still 90 degrees out (err... although a mention about the hazardous affects/effects of global warming should go here, but we'll save that for another day).

One thing I love about summer is cocktails. Most days, I'm a wine or whiskey girl. Complex flavors, simple pours is my mantra for about 8 months of the year. Summer months, however, is a reason/excuse/celebration to break out the funny twisty straws and my massive blender for a drink made more of fruit and sugar than alcohol.

My favorite cocktail blend so far? The Pink Tequilla via R29. It's a refreshing blend of watermelon, strawberries, lime, agave and tequilla that's both sweet and simple, but even easier to make.

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It's labor day weekend, and I'm going to spend it blending up another mighty concoction. FOLLOW me on Pinterest, and see some ideas I have in mind.
Monday, August 13, 2012

Life Lately (via iPhone)

M & I went to (cartoon) Paris!  via Glut with Guts
... but we had to hurry back for the Cubs v. Marlins Game (via Glut with Guts)

Looking for a spoon rest, but only found this ...errrr.. suggestive one (via Glut with Guts)
Enjoying Chicago's lovely rooftops (via Glut with Guts)
Peeked inside some of Chicago's lovely corners...
although this one did not SMELL lovely...
(via Glut with Guts)
Witnessed whimsy (via Glut with Guts)

Watched storms brew over Chicago (via Glut with Guts, Millennium Park Pictured Above)

Continued to trek on with food and photos (via Glut with Guts)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A prayer for James

Dear Father in Heaven:

It's been a while, hasn't it? I want to take a moment to lift up a prayer for a friend who has left this earth, far too quickly with far too short a notice. 

It seems the words "friend" and "brother" haven't held as much meaning as they do right now. It may seem even stranger to admit the strange endearing relationship I had shared with my friend, you son and the beloved earthly soul of James.

Amongst a group of closely knit friends who shared a past, it may be strange to admit that more often times than not, I had been a stranger. "Too much time had passed," I would think, "surely no one would remember who I was, or the history that we had shared." But not James. The  others and I would share awkward glances and courtesy-ed smiles from a bygone day. James was indifferent to those polite glances of forgotten hellos, instead warmly smiling at me and greeting me with not only a kind-hearted hello, but a warm smile calling me by my name and asking me about the time I had spent apart from else. While small, every single time it was the kindest gesture one had ever shown me.

Not everyone knows this, but James and I have a history that reaches back in our younger days. We'd go to the Cho house to hang out and play. Admiring our older sisters, I had always innocently wished and hoped  that our sisters Mia and Rachel would include me in their play, but more often than not, the door was shut to James and I, for private discussion about boys, dreams and whatever else the better knowing older sisters we admired would have to discuss. 

James could have easily turn a shoulder and gone off on his own, but instead he welcomed me into his room to show me his greatest treasure: his aquarium. Reflecting now, I'm sure this aquarium was small in size, but at the time, it was the largest most amazing aquarium I had ever seen. James proudly showed off the two fish in his possession within the well-kept tank, before quickly kicking me out and shutting the door in my face. It's amazing he didn't do that sooner, as I was quite the needy younger sibling and quick to annoy, and so eager to over-feed each of his precious fish.

While this moment may seem insignificant and small, it was my defining moment in the relationship I shared with James. I knew then that he would always be a good carer and provider, seeing the way he lovingly cared for those fish, and from that moment on, envisioned for him a full life full of children, providing each of them with much needed guidance and care.

When we grew older, our circles changed. Often our friends would combine or disassemble, but we were always cordial and friendly to one another. As we grew into young adults I could see the fatherly character arise within him. He became a leader amongst his friends, chartering a path both in a professional career and guidance for a life independent. I could see how greatly his father and sister were proud of him, overcoming all obstacles in his life with ease as he grew into the self-sustained adult, accomplished in so many ways than one. He became someone that so many of us were proud to call our friend, and someone we dearly came to know as a brother.

While it may seem strange to lift up this prayer in a crowded el-car late at night, I pray, Lord, that you'll look past the clouded judgement of my misguided heart and the murky waves of sin that have so closely followed my life, but instead look upon this one prayer of hope that I lift up for a brother. I pray, Lord, that he knew of the love that every single person had for him, and did not feel anything but your grace in his final moments. I pray that he has comfort now, in a place filled with nothing but joy and pride for the full life he led. I pray that those of us left on earth, don't take for granted the short life we've been gifted, but instead respect the time granted to each of us and live fully, with respects paid to those we've already lost. I pray that you give solace and comfort to the Cho family, and have them move forward knowing their beloved son, your child and our friend is now at peace.

If we've ever needed the comfort of a higher power, it is now; and I pray you have this prayer for the pure soul of our dear friend James, close to your ears and closer still to your heart.


Psalm 23:4 
Even when I walk through the darkest valley, I will not be afraid, for you are close beside me. Your rod and your staff protect and comfort me.


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